I live in the Beautiful province of Ontario.

Because of where we are, we get to experience the extreme sides to all 4 seasons.  I love each and every one of them.

Spring brings a fresh breeze through the house, a hint of warmth from the sun.
With spring we step out of hibernation and linger a little longer outside talking to neighbors.
The air is fresh and the sound of birds is a welcome change from the cold whipping of the wind.
Summer brings a beautiful green landscape, turning of the garden and a welcome back to all the animals that have been hibernating all winter.
Outdoor BBQ’s and casual drinks while we reconnect with friends
Beach weekends with hot sand, cool water and watching the kids just be kids in the waves.
Camping and carefree summer holidays with no alarm clocks and waking in anticipation of what the day will bring.

Fall brings not only amazing colors but incredible smells… The smell of burning leaves and a welcome cool breeze to carry it
Bringing out sweaters that make you feel cozy and warm.
Apple picking and the smell of baking goodies throughout the house.
Enjoying the last few weeks of outdoor social time… Cleaning out the garden.
The anticipation of the season to come!

Winter starts the day the furnace kicks on.  The day the windows have to stay closed.
The excitement of bringing out the Christmas decorations and transforming your house into a magical place.
Cozy nights in front of the fire while the wind whips and the snow falls.
Coffee and crocheting while looking out on the fresh fallen snow.
Walks in the woods watching the dogs dive into the snow and sniff for critters.
Standing in the middle of the frozen lake and looking down to what was once a summer playground.
Spending Saturdays ice fishing and skating with my husband, boys and dogs.

Go out and enjoy everything your region has to offer…. Oh, and take pictures too!  Have a great weekend.