Today I’m introducing what will become a weekly blog topic… I’m calling it Flashback Friday because I will be raiding my mom’s photo albums and posting a way back playback.   I started this blog to document happenings and share pictures of my boys, it’s something I hope one day they will look back on and give them the warm fuzzies just like looking back at my childhood does for me.  With that intent in mind, I think It’s a good idea to give them an eye into my history too.

This is a picture of the house I grew up in.    The picture was taken in 1982 and although it’s a bit blurry,  think that adds to the way back theme… I don’t remember many bad times in that house, I remember the good ones though.   I remember having my picture taken on the first day of every school year in front of that birch tree.  I remember the time I was sick with a bad fever and dreamt that someone came and stole the big evergreen right out of our yard and dragged it down the street… I jumped from my bed and told my mom and dad that someone had stolen the tree… They explained that I was hallucinating from the fever and then let me sleep with them for the rest of the night.

I lived in this house from the time I was 3 until after I was married and had my first son.  If I were to walk through that house today I would know exactly which plank of hardwood floor I etched T+L in… L was for Lawrence, the biggest crush I had in 7th grade.    I would know that the soft spot at the bottom of the staircase was from my brother and I jumping down the stairs even though mom yelled at us every time.   I could see the spot I sat while my sister did my hair for my wedding and then the spot in the living room where my son took his first steps.

Doesn’t it look warm and cozy in there?

My sister and her husband ended up buying the house from my parents after my husband and I bought our first house and my parents moved into the city.   They tore out the kitchen and renovated the entire main level and then sold it 2 years later.  I have driven past it a couple of times, it’s a bit depressing to be honest.  The people who bought it don’t really display a pride of ownership.  I’d love to buy the place but know that I have everything I need from that house as a memory and that’s enough.