A writing challenge.  Stephanie over at Adventures In Baby Wearing put out this challenge and I couldn’t resist.   The challenge is to channel your favorite couch and tell it’s story.  Specific instructions are on her blog.  As usual, I have not figured out Mr. Linkey so can’t link to her contest but I’m posting my couch story none the less….

It started out shinny and new in our basement apartment.  Sitting in the corner of the living room on a brown shag carpet and lit by a black and silver stand up lamp we bought at the flea market.  It was the first piece of furniture we bought together as a couple.
This couch was the center piece of furniture during the most blessed time of our lives.  Friends gathered on it the night of our wedding and other days friends slept on it when they had too much fun to go home.
My belly grew on that couch, I spent the first few hours of labor on it before heading to the hospital.  This couch welcomed my first baby boy and cushioned his first fall.  I had propped my baby boy in the corner to make him a bottle and when I turned around he was face first on the cushion.  I cried over that fall but was thankful it was on such a soft surface.
This couch moved with us to our first house where it welcomed another baby boy and a cat.  If couches could smile I’m sure it did when it learned the cat  had already been de-clawed.
This couch has hidden remote controls, socks, soothers and toys.   have vacuumed cereal, sand,popcorn and countless other things from its crevasses.
I turned to this couch at the end of almost every day looking for comfort.
Dear couch started to show it’s wear 6-7 years later.  The once shinny surface became pilled and scratchy.  Blankets were spread across the cushions for comfort before it was finally replaced.
Couch was driven to the dump about 8 years ago and although new couches have been purchased, the hunt still continues for a couch as comforting as it was.