So it’s been a while, what can I say.  I’ll catch you up really quick but then I have to get back to work!

1. Work has been pretty hectic and by the end of the day the thought of sitting at my laptop for another minute makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth. (sorry to be so graphic but it’s how I feel).

2. Spring has sprung in our small town!!! The ice on the lake has melted, the roads are dry and the house and car needed a good Spring cleaning!  The only downfall of Spring organizing is the spring wardrobe assessment… Am I really going to fit into last years clothes after a winter of self indulgence?  There will probably be a combination of dieting and spring shopping posts to come.

3. The kids have been registered!  Lacrosse season is here!  While I appreciate my down time from November – April I usually start getting pretty antsy around now.  Starting April we completely switch gears and instead of elaborate sit down meals and leisurely weekends we enjoy during down time, we transform into a well oiled efficiency machine.  I love the hustle and bustle and the spirit of competition it brings…. GO Wolfpack GO!

4. I started a new hobby business.  I was looking for a Camera Strap cover and had seen a few really cute ones on Etsy.com.  After doing the math I realized that although I’m no Suzy Homemaker, I did take sewing in 9th grade and knew how to operate a sewing machine.  How hard could it really be to make my own?  A little googling and $60 later I had all the materials I needed to make dozens of Camera Strap Covers.   Check it out by clicking here!
Who am I??????  Not in a million years did I ever think sewing would satisfy my creative urge.  It’s strange how our interests change as we get older.

How has your Spring been so far?