So this week’s topic on You Capture is “reaching”.  This picture represents my son’s inner strength to reach his goals.  He started playing Lacrosse later then most of the other kids and through his first year the coach played him when he could but it was clear that his floor time was second to the more developed players.  Instead of being defeated or feeling deflated, he continued even harder, he practiced harder and played harder each and every game.   After that first season he made up his mind… he was going to continue with Lacrosse and he was going to be a top player.   He carried his stick around with him and practiced all the time.
The next year when he went back to tryouts, even the coach was amazed, my boy had found his confidence and with that confidence came some amazing game play and in my opinion (of course it’s biased)  an incredible degree of sportsmanship.

Last year he and his team placed first in Ontario.  Although he’s a defense player; during the provincial championships he defended his team against some of the biggest and best players in the league, he shut down top scorers and he managed to score 4 goals himself.

My boy not only reached his personal goal to be a good player and contribute to his teams success, he reached a level of sportsmanship and competitiveness that I know he will carry into his daily life forever.

I wonder if this post should have been saved for the topic of  “Pride”?