I have always had a thing for Birch Trees.  I love the white bark and the little green leaves.  I love how they look different from all the other trees in the forest.  I’m guessing this love started when I was a little girl and I played under the Birch tree in our front yard.   I used to rake the leaves into lines on the lawn forming a make-believe house and played “house” all day in the front yard.   I would swing from one of the branches and sit in the space where the trunk opened up into 3 limbs while waiting for friends or family to come over or while waiting for my dad to get home from work.

The one thing this tree is most well-known for in our family is its presence in so many family photos.  It became the backdrop to yearly back to school pictures, first communion pictures and wedding day pictures.

Birch trees will always have a very special place in my heart.

P.S.  That little cutie in the brown velour suit is me!