There are times that it hits me so hard I feel like an addict.  It’s a desperate need to be there… Rain or shine –  I just need to be there.
It usually starts around Mid January and gradually builds and builds until the trip is booked and we’re on the road.
Believe it or not, it’s the one tradition that I treasure more then Christmas morning.

We have been camping at Killbear Provincial park since the boys were babies.  We started off in little tents on air mattresses, moved up to bigger tents on cot’s and now to a  we have a Tent trailer with almost all the amenities of home. In all honesty, regardless of where we sleep, the experience is always the same.

Anticipation turns to excitement when the camping bins are opened up and stock is taken, lists are compiled and the shopping begins.
The night before the trailer and truck are packed and it’s almost impossible to sleep.
Driving up the highway Shopping centers and Gas stations turn to Rocks and trees the further north we go.
When we finally get there It feels like we are home… Everything from the Green Killbear sign that welcomes us in to the bumps in the road are familiar.

It’s a week of relaxation.  There is no other place I’m able to completely let go and forget any worries or stress.  I can stare at the campfire and not have a single thought pop into my mind.

I just can’t wait to be there.  Are we almost there yet???