When our kids are growing up we teach them not to hit.  We teach them to speak respectfully and to do unto others as we would want done unto ourselves.

Now that my boys play lacrosse I find other messages are being shared …. We have handed them big sticks and from the stands you can hear parents yelling “Hit him!, Get him!, Use your sticks!, Good Hit!,”

When I see the boys talking to the opposing team at face off or while waiting for offense to attack defense I imagine the trash talk that’s going on.  What kind of foul words are they saying to each other, who’s MOMMA was WHERE last night?  What are they saying to each other?  Are they going to start fighting?  My mind goes to these places because of their age and what I’m hearing in the stands.   It’s a very competitive, aggressive, testosterone filled atmosphere.

After the game when I ask Cody if they were trash talking or being rude…. he just laughs…Turns out they were having a conversations about where they got their sticks, where they go to school,  how long they have played lacrosse.   Very VERY rarely are the boys actually trash talking.

Turns out our initial message stuck.