Ken has been gone since Monday and will be spending the next 5-6 work weeks away.  He will be home only on weekends.  While I expected it would get easier as the week went on it’s actually getting more difficult.   The first day he was away there were little things that reminded me he was gone….

I reached for my toothbrush and instead of having to figure out which one was mine, it stood alone.

When I was folding the laundry I had to fold the fitted sheets… Ken always folds the fitted sheets for me.  They are now in a big ball of a mess in the closet hiding under the nicely folded flat sheets.

His laundry pile is not growing… It’s the same pair of PJ’s he left Monday morning.

While these may seem like little insignificant daily events; to me it’s just that little extra reminder that he’s gone for the week.  Now instead of little moments of missing him, they seem to bleed into each other.  I miss him all the time.

I’m thrilled that there is only 1 more full day until he’s home for the weekend but I’m also already dreading the weeks following where we will do this over and over again.