I will admit… I’ve been everywhere but here lately.  I don’t have a good excuse.  I wish I was super mom and could keep up with work and everything that’s going on at home as well as blog but …… no such luck.

The boys are trying out for Lacrosse teams

Kenny has been away working.

I have been trying to make sure the kids are fed, even if it is just soup and sandwiches.

The dog has pooped in the hallway.

The cat has puked in the basement.

The boys learned that leaving globs of toothpaste for each other in the sink ticks the other off… this results in bickering.

My Niece received her first communion.

The list is really endless but that’s not what you came here to see.   Tonight Benjamin finds out if he made the team.  I can’t wait to share his good news with you.