Ever since Cody was a baby everyone was amazed at how much he looked like his dad.
As he grew and developed his personality it was blatantly obvious that their resemblance didn’t end with looks.

They look the same.
They talk the same.
They laugh the same.
They are the same!

We were driving home from Lacrosse on Sunday and I was staring out the window dreading the week that’s to come.  I know that sounds awful but it’s another week without Ken and it’s starting to really get me down.    As I was off in my own little world I could hear bits and peices of the conversation Ken and Cody were having.  They were both joking about something or another and they were both laughing.   In that very moment I realized that even though Ken is gone all week he has left me with the most amazing clone of himself.

It makes the week a little easier to remember that.