It’s so weird being alone.  I’m not sure if I just don’t know how to accept it or if I just plain and simply hate it.

Cody is at Lacrosse (This is the first time I have ever left a practice to come home)

Ken is in Kingston working (5th week in a row… O I miss him!)

Benjamin is at camp for the night with his class.

So far I have cleaned the stove…. I mean really CLEANED the stove!.  I have changed the sheets on all the beds,  I have finished the laundry, I have caught up on all my favorite blogs.   The only sounds are the hum of the dryer and the cats purr as he rolls around the kitchen table and bat’s me with his paws looking for attention.   This is strange.

Should I stay or should I go?    I don’t think I can take it here alone anymore so I”m heading back to the arena.