This was my first experience photographing a wedding.  I did this as a favor for a good friend and in the process I learned why photographers charge so much!  This was a LOT of work.

I started by renting another camera just in case mine happened to break or something happened.  Could you imagine if my camera broke and I couldn’t take any pictures… This day only happens once people!  It was too much of a risk.  Since I was already renting equipment, I decided to rent a lens too.   My lesson learned was that I rented the 85mm instead of the 50mm which made close up’s a little more difficult.  Since I had both cameras though, I ended up putting a short lens on one and the longer on the other.

I had been browsing Wedding photography websites for weeks and had a list of pictures I wanted to take.  Since Leslie’s parents live right on the lake in Toronto I had some really great ideas.. Unfortunately, Toronto experienced record breaking rainfall on May 7th (insert pout here).  We ended up doing all her family pictures in her parents house which was beautiful anyway and fairly well lit so it wasn’t a huge issue other then I didn’t get to take a lot of the shots I had hoped to take.

The wedding itself and the reception were both held at the Palais Royale on Lakeshore.  I was so excited to be there because my Great uncle used to go there dancing and picking up chicks.   The building has since been restored but a lot of the same features remain.   There are pictures all through the basement showing the buildings history and the dance floor has been restored to its original bouncy splendor.  Again, lighting was an issue.  This entire day I remembered why I had stopped taking indoor photographs and had moved to almost strictly natural light.   Although I had a super flash, the ceilings were very high and dark which made bouncing the light pretty difficult.

When I got home I started editing.   Between everything else I have going on and my regular day job, this took a lot longer then I had hoped.   I just passed Leslie a disk with her pictures on it this weekend and am just getting around to sharing some with you now.    I have however posted all of them on a weebly website… if you are interested, take a peek: