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Teenage boys eat ALL the time!

Cody eats his morning cereal out of a serving bowl.  

He will eat another serving bowl of cereal two hours later and between that he’s picked at things here and there.  When the boy wants to eat, he wants to eat.

Today Cody and his friend Adam decided they wanted cookies.  Not the Thinsation cookies I have stocked in the cupboard but some real, moist, ewwey, gooey cookies.  

I got out the Williams Sonoma cookbook and let them get to it.   And they did.

(They were Chocolate chip with Coconut and they were DELISH!)

And after their craving was satisfied they got back to being just Teenage Boys.

My tastebuds hope they get another craving soon but my hips don’t.


 I was a bit surprised to see how quickly some of the trees around here are changing.  There is still another week left in August.

That said, I admit it,  I LOVE Fall!!!

I love how the temperature drops slightly but there is still tons of Sun. 

I love putting on baggy fuzzy clothes and eating comfort food. 

I love the routine of back to school.

I love the colours of Fall the most. 

Everything just feels crisp and clean.

He’s another year older but really that doesn’t make a difference to him.  He’s the same man he’s always been and always will be.   There are so many things I love about this man I couldn’t begin to mention them all but here  are a few….

His laugh – the purity of it is so infectious

His certainty of our future together forever

The way he teaches our boys to be gentlemen, he is firm but he’s their friend too.

He makes me coffee on Saturday mornings without me even asking

His work ethic and drive to succeed is second to none.  He wants our family to be secure.

He never ever complains

Oh, and he’s Hot too!

To celebrate his birthday we went to a resteraunt here in town.   There was good food.

(Who doesn’t love a fried Mushroom? – Oh yeah, the boys…. I think thats why we order them)

What’s dinner without some drinks.

All Hail Caesar!!!

And of course there were some good laughs.

When we got home we closed the night with some indulgent Beer,Banana Chocolate Cake that was to die for  & Hot Coffee.

Happy Birthday Baby!   I love you!

I have been puttering around with this new blog site for a couple of months and am happy to finally put it out there.    Please visit me at   There is a lot of work to be done for it to come close to a professional look but the goal is to start documenting the sessions I have had.  I’ll continue with this blog for my own photos but will be updating the other site with formal photo’s I’m taking for family and friends.


I love my kitchen!  Today a cool breeze floated through the window and gave me the urge to make apple pie or something or other that can be cooked with red wine.  Unfortunately reality set back in and I had to get back to my office to finish some work but not before I snapped this picture of some Bananas that will make a very tasty bread tonight.  Proof that good things come to those who wait!

And I’m back!

This Lacrosse season was nothing short of amazing.  

Benjamin played his first rep season and improved game after game.  His team played in the provincial championships but was eliminated in the quarter finals.  These boys played with such heart!  They were Gold medal champions regardless of the score.   We are so thankful his first rep season was with such a great team of boys.

Cody’s team played at Provincials right down to the finals and won GOLD!!!  He is a provincial champion…. 2 years in a row!!!  Cody played his heart out all season long.  He played for his regular team and was also invited up to play with the Jr. C team.  The boy loves this sport; all of his detrmination and effort were rewarded at the end of the season when he won player of the year.  We are so proud of our pookie.

Now that the Box season is over, there is a month until Fall field larosse starts.   We are going to really take advantage of this downtime and have already started doing so by heading up to Killbear Provincial Park  for our yearly trip.   

Killbear provincial park is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.   It was nostalgic to see pictures of the park 50 years ago and see how little its changed.  It’s our peice of heaven and I hope that 50 years from now my kids will still be making the trip up with their families and appreciate how amazing the nature is there.

After weeks and weeks of GO GO GO; sitting back on the hot rocks and watching the trees and water was just what we needed to recharge

If nothing else, spending time with my neice and nephew was the highlight of the weekend.  I hate that they live so far away but it makes spending time together so special.

We even made some new friends 😉

Although we are home now we left our mark (our baby Innukshook) and we will be visiting him again in the Fall.  In the mean time,  I have a whole lot of cleaning and organizing to catch up on.

Happy Summer!

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