He’s another year older but really that doesn’t make a difference to him.  He’s the same man he’s always been and always will be.   There are so many things I love about this man I couldn’t begin to mention them all but here  are a few….

His laugh – the purity of it is so infectious

His certainty of our future together forever

The way he teaches our boys to be gentlemen, he is firm but he’s their friend too.

He makes me coffee on Saturday mornings without me even asking

His work ethic and drive to succeed is second to none.  He wants our family to be secure.

He never ever complains

Oh, and he’s Hot too!

To celebrate his birthday we went to a resteraunt here in town.   There was good food.

(Who doesn’t love a fried Mushroom? – Oh yeah, the boys…. I think thats why we order them)

What’s dinner without some drinks.

All Hail Caesar!!!

And of course there were some good laughs.

When we got home we closed the night with some indulgent Beer,Banana Chocolate Cake that was to die for  & Hot Coffee.

Happy Birthday Baby!   I love you!