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It’s a foggy fall morning, the kind where you want to spend the first couple hours being lazy, in PJ’s, drinking coffee until it does its magical thing and you actually feel like getting into the shower and waking up to face the day.    Instead, I was up and dressed before the sand was out of my eyes, walking a dog that is on steroids for allergies and has to pee like a race horse as soon as his eyes open.  While I would have loved to stay in my PJ’s, getting outside into the crisp air was nice too, it woke me up and got me thinking about what’s to come today.

I’m in the process of changing jobs.  After a year and a half on this account its clear that this Business analyst job was sold to me under false pretenses.  It was a lateral move from my old account to this one but I would be learning new skills.  I had hoped that this would increase my value add to the company (aka Job Security) however, In reality, my role never evolved to anything more than the teams gofer.  I went from the top of the food chain to the bottom with one bad decision .  I let the team know I was available to take on more responsibility, but on an account dubbed “The Boys Club” there was no room for a pretty smelling girl.  Over the course of the past few months our boss left for another opportunity and his role was filled by the king of all Jack asses.  In a meeting I scheduled to divvy up the workload with said Jack Ass, he told me that I would remain the team’s “Admin”,….. yes,  he said “Admin”…. That was my cue to exit stage left.  I called my old boss who was over the moon with excitement to have me back.  I plan to spend the last week of my transition wearing excessive amounts of perfume, writing with pink fuzzy pens and printing the committee decks on pink hello kitty paper.

In other girly related news I’m preparing my menu for Thanksgiving brunch. Cody will be playing Lacrosse all weekend but the holiday Monday should
leave us free to entertain.  We usually spend Thanksgiving with my parents but since they are going to be in Ukraine, we are having my In Laws over
which should be a nice change.  The menu so far consists of:

Banana Wheat Muffins
Ham and Potato Tortilla
Lunchtime Ham and Vegetable salad

Apple Custard Crumble
Creamy frosted coffee.

It’s a lot but if I can stick to only having a tiny bit of each thing I should be OK.  If all the links were not subtle enough, you really need to check out that site, some of the most amazing recipes I have seen in a long time and you can also check out the Milk calendar recipes back to the 70’s!

I love entertaining!  Ken and I used to do it a lot more but as the kids get older and get more involved in sports, any time we actually get to spend at home is precious.  Since we are never home the house is usually too messy for company anyway.    When the opportunity does come up, I take full advantage.  Decorating the front porch, and the dining table, cooking for hours on end making the house smell warm and inviting, drinking good wine, lighting candles and indulging in things we normally wouldn’t.  I want our guests to feel like they are home, like they don’t want to leave and when they do have to,  they can’t wait to come back.

In addition to Lacrosse,  I have also been keeping busy with a few photo shoots over the last month.  I’m learning more with each and every shoot and enjoying the editing process a lot more than I thought I would. Still lots to learn… Wikipedia has been a dear friend to me and I have also really enjoyed reading the MCP blog.  This whole internet sharing /blogging concept is truly amazing.  When I think back to when I was young, if we wanted information we had to go to the library.  I love that I can
learn through others each and every day.

Leaving you with one of my favorite snapshots from the last session.  These guys are so sweet!

Edited with MCP Actions: Custom Dodge and Burn, Hi-Res Dirty vignette, Colour sensation and Photoshop photo filters.


Mothers everywhere are blogging about this same topic.  It’s the day we are so excited for but yet I feel like we also dread it as much as the kids do.  We had a whole summer together and although it went quickly there were so many moments to just enjoy each other without the rush of school days.  Moments where we could sit back and just say “Ahhhhh”

There were days Cody didn’t get up till 1 in the afternoon.  There were also days where Benjamin stayed out from Breakfast till Dinner with his friends biking and just being a 12 year old.  

While I’m sad to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer, I have to admit that organizing lunches, laundry and backpacks last night felt so right.   It was time…. Time to send them off for another school year and challenge them to new things.  It’s time to reintroduce them to schedules and responsibilities.  It’s time for me to get back into a schedule where I roll out of bed more than 5 minutes before I have to log onto the computer to work 🙂   Yes… that’s right, It’s one of the many things I don’t take for granted working from home. 

So… To all the mothers out there.   CHEERS!   Congratulations on making it through another summer and good luck getting through another school year.  May your days be bicker free and your evenings full of math homework you actually understand and can help with!

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