Mothers everywhere are blogging about this same topic.  It’s the day we are so excited for but yet I feel like we also dread it as much as the kids do.  We had a whole summer together and although it went quickly there were so many moments to just enjoy each other without the rush of school days.  Moments where we could sit back and just say “Ahhhhh”

There were days Cody didn’t get up till 1 in the afternoon.  There were also days where Benjamin stayed out from Breakfast till Dinner with his friends biking and just being a 12 year old.  

While I’m sad to say goodbye to the carefree days of summer, I have to admit that organizing lunches, laundry and backpacks last night felt so right.   It was time…. Time to send them off for another school year and challenge them to new things.  It’s time to reintroduce them to schedules and responsibilities.  It’s time for me to get back into a schedule where I roll out of bed more than 5 minutes before I have to log onto the computer to work 🙂   Yes… that’s right, It’s one of the many things I don’t take for granted working from home. 

So… To all the mothers out there.   CHEERS!   Congratulations on making it through another summer and good luck getting through another school year.  May your days be bicker free and your evenings full of math homework you actually understand and can help with!