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I’m still laying in bed and the day is starting without me.  I’m not too upset about that, this is pretty relaxing
I do however have to get up soon and get ready, Ken is already out exchanging the christmas lights because we bought the wrong colour
white… Yes, crazy right?  There are about 5 shades of LED White to choose from.
Our new neighbours have already put up their christmas lights and put ken to shame.  He swears vengeance, I know I’ll have to reel him in at some point
so classic white doesn’t become National Lampoon.
I’m off today to pick up Ayla and Aric.  I’m so excited to have them here for the night, especially since today is a Christmas prep kind of day.
Yesterday I baked off about 4 Gingerbread houses and 3 Gingerbread Trains, Today we will decorate them. The little ones will get ooey gooey
icing all over their little hands and their little cheeks will be filled with the candy that’s supposed to go on the gingerbread houses… Just
the way it’s supposed to be.  Ken will be outside putting up the lights and something comforting will be bubbling on the stove for dinner.  Does
it get any better?

I’m so thankful for this kind of weekend.  Next week I’m off to Arizona for work and then I’ll be making a side trip to Las Vegas to see my sister.
I’ll be gone for exactly 7 days which is longer then I have ever been away at one time from my family but I’m looking forward to it.   Sometimes
absence from your daily routine is good.  I know my boys and hubby are smart and resourceful enough to make it on their own for 7 days, on top of
that knowledge,  my parents are right next door to help keep the house glued together.  I love them for that.  And when I come back… Everybody
will love me all the more  😉

Well, I’m being beckoned by Izzy… She’s hopped up on the bed and is laying her cold wet nose on my arm telling me it’s time to get up… Maybe throw
a ball or two or to cook something like pancakes and hopefully drop some on the kitchen floor for her.

Have a great weekend!


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