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6:20 – In my cozy bed
“Seriously, why is this alarm going off so early”

6:45 – At my desk with a STRONG cup of coffee.
“I’m so thankful that I don’t live on site in Arizona where it’s only 4:45 –  This early conference call would have been even worse.”

7:50 – Still on Conference call…Rejoining from cell phone while driving Cody to his exam.
” I hope the boy studied – Civics would be a  pretty pathetic class to fail”.
“Why is my blackberry speaker so low… I wonder if I can make it louder?”
“These roads are slippery… Please let me get  home safely because I’m wearing PJ’s and getting stuck somewhere would suck worse than failing civics.”

8:10 – Home again
“Oh my god , this call is still going!”
“The dogs better cross their legs, at the rate this call is progressing (or not) we are not going to make it out for a while”
“I wish Kenny was home”
“Look at me multi task… I’m on a conference call and making my son his lunch – Dude, I’m super mom”

8:30 – Still on conference call
“I wonder if the dogs will pee on the floor – Please no!”

8:50 – Yup,  call’s still going – 2 hours now
“My 13-year-old has better social skills then some of the adults on this call”

8:55 – Phone’s ringing
“Yup, this sister can multitask, I can answer that while these guys argue about who owns the problem”
“Oh my god”
“Please just tell me your OK”
“Please stay out of harms way till I get there!”

Ken was in a car accident on the highway.  He hit Black ice and ended up sliding across 3 lanes of the highway into the guard rail and then back across the lanes again and into the ditch.

8:56 – rushing around the house
“This is my worst nightmare”
“Oh my God, this can’t be happening”
“I have to get there quickly so I can see for myself that he’s OK”
“The dogs are going to have to wait….. ARGH, I can’t make them wait!”
“I LOVE that my parents live next door – Dad can walk the dogs for me”
“Oh man,  I’m leaving the house in my PJ’s again today – I hope Ken is not embarrassed when I get out of the car”

9:30 – In the parking lot where all the cars involved were parked – Police, Tow trucks, Fire trucks…You name it, they were there
“I see him! – He’s standing, he’s talking, he’s really OK”
“I just need to hug him”

9:31 – Hugging Ken
“Don’t Cry – I can’t help it – Don’t cry – I have to – DON’T CRY!!!!!”
“Oh my god….. I”m wearing PJ’s!”

The only thoughts for the rest of the day go like this:
“He’s ok,  that’s all that matters”
“How did he not get hurt?”
“Oh my god, I LOVE this man,  Thank you for not taking him!”

Today I’m holding all of my family a little tighter, especially Ken.   When he left for work last night it could have been the last time he would hug me…. This thought puts tears in my eyes quicker then he hit the guard rail.    I’m lucky though,  I can honestly say that for the past few years I have made it a priority to tell my family how much I love them everyday, this has simply reinforced how important that is.

Thank you Kenny’s Angel, for making sure he came home safely today.


So today was a good day…. not a good day, a GREAT day.   We do things together all the time  but today we went out for our annual Ice Fishing trip… Just us 4 and our  dogs.  We sat together in a  10X10 hut warmed by the heat of a propane stove waiting for bites on the line.  I used to think that conversation was necessary to build bonds and to make connections but when we are ice fishing as a family I realize that this is not true.  Just sitting together is all we need.    I remember the days when the boys couldn’t sit still for longer then 5 minutes so enjoying these trips for the past couple years is bittersweet.  They are growing up… Gone are the days where we need to constantly keep them occupied or engaged and here are the days when we can just be together and enjoy each others company.

(By the way, that’s my hot husband – Not a bad looking guy to be stuck in an ice hut with right??)

 This trip also tied well into this week’s challenge over at You Capture.  The theme this week is circles and while we were out there, I found a few.

 His (or her?) eyes were pretty large circles in comparison with his body… Poor little fella… Dont’ worry, he was realeased with a full belly. 

I love winter,  I also love Cinnamon hearts, My 2 boys, My husband, and all things pink; This said, I have more than one reason to love Valentines day.   Imagine my excitement when the blogs I read started posting pictures of their valentines decorating!  I had a few things on hand from last year but was definitely ready for some new ideas.  Since taking down the Christmas decorations the house has been looking a little blah, I was ready for a change.  I have to admit though, I stole almost all of my mantle decorating ideas from Kerri-Lynn over at  My Decorating Addiction I hope she knows that copying is the most sincere form of flattery!   After a quick trip to the dollar store and Michael’s, I heated up the glue gun and got started.    

I made this wreath using 240 felt circles.  All cut, folded and individually pinned into the styrofoam wreath.   A day later I still have the scissor indents in my hands to prove it.  Totally worth it though right?

 These are Mason Jars found at Michael’s and filled with wedding ribbon.  The pink ribbon on the outside was actually from the Christmas bin so it was 80% off…. I love that they introduced pinks and purples to christmas decor! 

These branches were a part of my Christmas / Winter decoration but by adding foam hearts on Ribbon and a little bling, it’s now Cupids forest.  I love the way the colours pop off the withe branches.

Well, there it is!

So, Monday January 17th was supposed to be Blue Monday,  It’s a day that researchers have found to be most depressing day because of the “Trifecta”.  1.  The holiday bills arrive in the mail,  2. It’s typically a very cold day, and 3. It’s the day when people realize they have failed at their new years resolutions.   As for me… I’m not Blue, read on and see why…..

Benjamin turned 13 this weekend.  I can’t believe 13 years have gone by already.  It was a winter just like this one when he was born.  I remember bringing him home for the first time and just wanting to hold him alone in my room and stare at him.  He was an almost 10 pound package of squish that just melted into my arms, I’d give anything to hold that baby again.  The good news is he still loves hugs and he still melts into the crooks of my arms when I hug him.  That boy is special and I can’t wait to see what he does next. Ben shared his birthday again with his cousin Ayla and we had a great family day here at home.  I’ve said it before, there is no greater comfort then having so much family in our home.  I never want it to end and when everyone leaves, we all fall into this great state of blah.  The house falls back into silence and all that’s left to do is prepare for the week ahead and get back to the everyday.

I know I mentioned in my earlier post and then didn’t come back with the results but here I am, showing you my Project 52 pictures.

Week one – Something from around the house.  I loved the way the light was reflecting off the wall.

Week two – Song Title – “I want Candy”

Week Three – Shades of Gray

I love the challenge of going out to shoot something new every week, it’s helped reignite my love of photography.  I think there is something to be said about having to put a little more thought into what you are going to shoot.  Instead of shooting whats right in front of me, I’m forced to go out and get new ideas, challenge myself to do something different or play with a different setting and light.  It’s been so much fun. I still have a couple more ideas for shades of grey so if I have time this week I’ll add to what I have already submitted (we are allowed 3 entries per week).

In addition to photography and Project 52, I also resolved to get in shape.  I’m doing this not just for the sake of a New years resolution but because I want to do so many things,  things I can’t do or enjoy if I’m not in shape and confident.   I’ll admit that I kind of neglected making good food choices since Christmas but I know what I have to do and I’m determined to do it.  Today is a new day and I’m back at it, Last night I even went to my first Spin class… Yikes.  I knew it would be hard but had no idea just how hard it would be.  The whole time I wondered if I might puke my dinner right there on the handle bars of the bike and then I started to realize that if it takes this level of effort to make a difference, I can’t screw that effort up with poor food choices.  This is going to be hard work but oh so rewarding.

Every year I debate participating in a 365 challenge, this is a challenge where you take a picture every day of the year.   Every year when I debate I conclude that I’m not a professional photographer; I spend my days working behind a computer so the idea of having to take a new picture every day,  come back to my computer to edit and post it (once again EVERY DAY) is not appealing.  Really who the hell has that kind of time on their hands?  I would love to but don’t.   This year a reasonable alternative presented itself so I jumped at the chance to take part in MCP’s Project 52.   Once a week for 52 weeks I will take part in the directed challenge on the MCP Facebook page.   This starts tomorrow so stay tuned. 

Christmas was busy, as usual.   We had it here, Ken’s parents came on Christmas Eve, My brother, Michelle Vicky and James came on Christmas Day and then Daniel, Stephanie and the kids came on Boxing Day.  It was a lot of cleaning, preparing, eating and then doing it all over again.  Our usual Christmas tradition of watching the World JR hockey tournament began on Boxing day with the Canadian’s playing Russia.  We won 6-3.  Now that the tounament has played out, Canada finds themselves playing Russia for Gold tomorrow night…I hope there is more good news to share tomorrow 🙂

(That’s my sister in law in the US Jersey.  We still love her though) 

We rented the ice on New Years eve again.  This was our 4th year doing so and while it’s not cheap, it’s amazing to have the whole arena to ourselves.   When we were leaving, the family that rented after us came in with a pot of chili and a pot of coffee… That’s definitely on our list for next year, what a great idea. 

Moving into the new year I have a few things I’d like to do.  Improving my writing skills is one of my resolutions.  I find it difficult to put down a clear entry but when I’m able to, it feels great!  I believe they say practice makes perfect so I will be making more of a Blogging effort this year and hope that it helps.  This tied together with the MCP Project 52 should make this blog a happening place!

I’ll leave you today with a letter I wrote a dear friend…..

Dear Brie;

I think you would agree we have a love hate relationship.  You show up only during good times when we have family and friends over and my guard is down.  You sit on the board with all your other cheese buddies and call to me…. We both know you are the best of the bunch, your friends are jut the side-show to your double creamed goodness oozing out the side of your thin white crust.   We are best friends for all of a few minutes and then you take it too far!  You mutate from a 1/4 pound round of cheese on the board into a 5 pound blob somewhere inside my body.  Totally not fair!

Sincerely, Tanya.

Just like most people, I’m also heading into the new year with a resolution to get fit.  Brie and I will still be friends, I don’t think either of us could walk away from what we have together but I will make more of an effort to reduce the after effects.

Cheers!  Hope you all have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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