I love winter,  I also love Cinnamon hearts, My 2 boys, My husband, and all things pink; This said, I have more than one reason to love Valentines day.   Imagine my excitement when the blogs I read started posting pictures of their valentines decorating!  I had a few things on hand from last year but was definitely ready for some new ideas.  Since taking down the Christmas decorations the house has been looking a little blah, I was ready for a change.  I have to admit though, I stole almost all of my mantle decorating ideas from Kerri-Lynn over at  My Decorating Addiction I hope she knows that copying is the most sincere form of flattery!   After a quick trip to the dollar store and Michael’s, I heated up the glue gun and got started.    

I made this wreath using 240 felt circles.  All cut, folded and individually pinned into the styrofoam wreath.   A day later I still have the scissor indents in my hands to prove it.  Totally worth it though right?

 These are Mason Jars found at Michael’s and filled with wedding ribbon.  The pink ribbon on the outside was actually from the Christmas bin so it was 80% off…. I love that they introduced pinks and purples to christmas decor! 

These branches were a part of my Christmas / Winter decoration but by adding foam hearts on Ribbon and a little bling, it’s now Cupids forest.  I love the way the colours pop off the withe branches.

Well, there it is!