So today was a good day…. not a good day, a GREAT day.   We do things together all the time  but today we went out for our annual Ice Fishing trip… Just us 4 and our  dogs.  We sat together in a  10X10 hut warmed by the heat of a propane stove waiting for bites on the line.  I used to think that conversation was necessary to build bonds and to make connections but when we are ice fishing as a family I realize that this is not true.  Just sitting together is all we need.    I remember the days when the boys couldn’t sit still for longer then 5 minutes so enjoying these trips for the past couple years is bittersweet.  They are growing up… Gone are the days where we need to constantly keep them occupied or engaged and here are the days when we can just be together and enjoy each others company.

(By the way, that’s my hot husband – Not a bad looking guy to be stuck in an ice hut with right??)

 This trip also tied well into this week’s challenge over at You Capture.  The theme this week is circles and while we were out there, I found a few.

 His (or her?) eyes were pretty large circles in comparison with his body… Poor little fella… Dont’ worry, he was realeased with a full belly.