6:20 – In my cozy bed
“Seriously, why is this alarm going off so early”

6:45 – At my desk with a STRONG cup of coffee.
“I’m so thankful that I don’t live on site in Arizona where it’s only 4:45 –  This early conference call would have been even worse.”

7:50 – Still on Conference call…Rejoining from cell phone while driving Cody to his exam.
” I hope the boy studied – Civics would be a  pretty pathetic class to fail”.
“Why is my blackberry speaker so low… I wonder if I can make it louder?”
“These roads are slippery… Please let me get  home safely because I’m wearing PJ’s and getting stuck somewhere would suck worse than failing civics.”

8:10 – Home again
“Oh my god , this call is still going!”
“The dogs better cross their legs, at the rate this call is progressing (or not) we are not going to make it out for a while”
“I wish Kenny was home”
“Look at me multi task… I’m on a conference call and making my son his lunch – Dude, I’m super mom”

8:30 – Still on conference call
“I wonder if the dogs will pee on the floor – Please no!”

8:50 – Yup,  call’s still going – 2 hours now
“My 13-year-old has better social skills then some of the adults on this call”

8:55 – Phone’s ringing
“Yup, this sister can multitask, I can answer that while these guys argue about who owns the problem”
“Oh my god”
“Please just tell me your OK”
“Please stay out of harms way till I get there!”

Ken was in a car accident on the highway.  He hit Black ice and ended up sliding across 3 lanes of the highway into the guard rail and then back across the lanes again and into the ditch.

8:56 – rushing around the house
“This is my worst nightmare”
“Oh my God, this can’t be happening”
“I have to get there quickly so I can see for myself that he’s OK”
“The dogs are going to have to wait….. ARGH, I can’t make them wait!”
“I LOVE that my parents live next door – Dad can walk the dogs for me”
“Oh man,  I’m leaving the house in my PJ’s again today – I hope Ken is not embarrassed when I get out of the car”

9:30 – In the parking lot where all the cars involved were parked – Police, Tow trucks, Fire trucks…You name it, they were there
“I see him! – He’s standing, he’s talking, he’s really OK”
“I just need to hug him”

9:31 – Hugging Ken
“Don’t Cry – I can’t help it – Don’t cry – I have to – DON’T CRY!!!!!”
“Oh my god….. I”m wearing PJ’s!”

The only thoughts for the rest of the day go like this:
“He’s ok,  that’s all that matters”
“How did he not get hurt?”
“Oh my god, I LOVE this man,  Thank you for not taking him!”

Today I’m holding all of my family a little tighter, especially Ken.   When he left for work last night it could have been the last time he would hug me…. This thought puts tears in my eyes quicker then he hit the guard rail.    I’m lucky though,  I can honestly say that for the past few years I have made it a priority to tell my family how much I love them everyday, this has simply reinforced how important that is.

Thank you Kenny’s Angel, for making sure he came home safely today.