I don’t often vent on my blog but I am today.  I have been thinking about this as a post for some time and tried to think of a way to (for lack of a better term) sugar coat it but it’s just not possible.

Our boys have been raised to be respectful.   They speak nicely (maybe not to each other but that’s another story), they hold doors, they offer their spot to older people behind them in line… Mostly, they respect the rules that are given to them and understand that they are there for a reason.

For the past 2 months, Cody has been dating a girl who was so very clearly not raised with the same rules.  In fact, she often questions Cody about our rules.  She doesn’t realize that social media is just that… Social.   I won’t get into the dirty details but to sum it up,  If I were her mother she’d be locked up in the basement.   She has dished out so much drama over the past week that as a family we are physically and emotionally exhausted…. but he really likes her and regardless he’s standing by her.

Here’s where I’m struggling…. I know I gave him a good foundation of respect for other people but I’m questioning if I taught him enough about self-respect.   This boy has SO much going for him, he’s popular, he’s outgoing, he’s handsome and he could have anyone he wanted.

What will it take for him to see her for who she is?  When will that happen and will it be too late?

I long to go back to the days of poopy diapers and car seats… This is hard!