This is something new at our house.

It’s like watching someone elses child.

Actually, It’s my child… It’s my boy on a new path that will lead him to all things great!

Don’t make fun…. Don’t say “he should have been doing this all along”… He knows this… I know this… I’m proud because he’s now acting on it and for as long as it takes we stand beside our kids and continue to hammer on the right choices, and the right path until this happens.  That’s our job as parents.

The boy is doing his homework!

Not only is he doing his homework, he’s doing it without us asking.  I think 10th grade is a good time for things to start sinking in.  He knows he has college choices coming up and we have explained the competition to get into the program of his choice.  I hope this continues because if you put together his personality, his athletic drive, his desire to be a leader and you add his ability to apply himself to his goals,  you’ve got a boy with a future overflowing with potential.

Keep it up buddy… XOXOXO

On another subject,  I just had to share this picture.   This is Sabrina very upset (look at those eyes!) because I told her to stay far enough back that I could take a picture.  All she really wanted to do was sit right beside me and have her ears rubbed.  As soon as this picture was taken she was free to snuggle with me and she was happy.