I ended up coming home from my business trip early. I landed on Thursday afternoon and had completed pretty much all that I needed to before the weekend. Since my next assignment is pending, I decided to take Friday off and extend an already long Family Day Weekend.

For the most part Thursday was a Blur. After getting up at 3am to make my flight, I landed in Toronto at 1:45. It was perfect timing really because there were no line ups at customs and by the time I got to Baggage my bag was already circling the carousel. The only wait I had was for Ken who decided that since I was probably going to be a while getting through customs he would stop at Bass Pro shops… little did he know I was out of there faster than a kid on the last day of school.

By the time we got home I had just enough time to freshen up and get ready for Cody’s basketball game. It was a do or die game for a playoff spot. Unfortunately, they lost by 1 point in the last 2.4 seconds of the game and so that ends his Jr. Basketball year. All the kids were pretty bummed but Cody took it really hard. He didn’t really say much and that’s what clued me in to how hard he was taking it. It’s hard to tell him not to stress over it when it means so much to him. I love that he cares that much about sports and his team.

The rest of Thursday night was a blur. I ended up having a long overdue snuggle with my hunny on the couch while watching the PVR’d shows from the week. I think I made it through 15 minutes of Modern Family before I finally just crashed. I NEVER fall asleep on the couch… I was totally exhausted!

Friday was a brilliant day weather wise. We cracked the windows to let some fresh air in and began lots of house cleaning. It was so nice outside that Ken was able to get up on the roof and take down the Christmas lights. That’s a record for sure!

After that initial burst of energy, we slowed down and really set the tone for the rest of the weekend. We ordered Chinese and watched movies and just spent good quality time with each other all weekend. I had contemplated doing something big or eventful for Family Day but found that the thing I love most about this new holiday is that there are no expectations. There is no big dinner to prepare or event to organize, it’s just a weekend for us to focus on each other and enjoy each others company. That’s what I loved the most, I think it was the first time in months that we all sat in the living room together to watch a movie. Usually someone is downstairs playing PS3 or on the phone or out…. It’s very rare that we are all together after dinner time anymore and I really enjoyed it.

This week’s theme at MCP Project 52 is “The view from here” This is a picture of Sabrina in her chair watching for Kenny to come home from snow plowing on Monday morning.  I thought it was fitting for the theme… Ahhh the life of a dog!