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He was the one I went to because he was more likely to say yes.
When he was a parent helper for field trips all the kids in my class fought to be in my group.
He let me tongue dip in his beer when I was little.
He taught me how to drive and never flinched once.
He has always put my needs and his families needs ahead of his.
He taught me about Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, the Blues Brothers and Louis Armstrong.
He showed me that helping people is better than talking about helping people.                                                                                             
He was the one that encouraged me to be independent but was there to help pick up the pieces when I fell.
He makes the BEST cup of tea you have ever had.
He’s donated blood over 130 times.
He saved countless lives as a full-time firefighter for over 30 years.
He served his community as a volunteer firefighter for 20 years.

She was the one who taught me unconditional love.
She is one that taught us what family loyalty is and that Blood is always thicker then water.
She took my side when I told her the teacher was picking on me.
She let me lay my head on the shoulder of her fur coat and gave me a finger massage so I’d sit still during mass.
She always tells me I’m beautiful and talented.
She taught me about work ethic and how you have to work hard to get noticed and getting noticed will lead to its own rewards.
She stayed up worrying when I didn’t come home at curfew.
She sent my dad to follow me around and protect me when she suspected I was up to no good.
She compliments my parenting skills and encourages me to keep doing the right thing no matter how hard it can be sometimes.
She comes over and spoils my kids with French Toast breakfasts whenever I’m working out of town.
She is the happiest when she’s with family…. She loves her Grandkids to the moon and back and then to the moon and back again.
She worked full time, made dinners, drove us to Figure Skating and Hockey games in the dead of winter and never complained once.

I’m not sure how I got so lucky or blessed to have these people as my parents.


When the days start to get cooler and the leaves start to turn color I’m in love with Fall.  I wear cable knits, brown boots and sweaters and wish I had it in me to wear one of the those newsboy hats that are so cool.  I’m in absolute fall loving mode from September until Halloween; once Halloween is over, it’s time to move onto Winter.  I anticipate the snow and love the clean crisp look when the snow covered fields go on and on until they reach the light blue sky.  I love spending time hibernating with my boys eating cozy dinners and watching movies, I look forward to our ice fishing trips and spending the holidays with family.  I’m a winter lover until we hit a warm spell in March… and that warm up happened!  About a week ago we hit temperatures 10 degrees above freezing.  I started thinking about Capris and Pedicures, Drinks and BBQ’s,  Flowers and grass in between my toes. I am officially craving Spring so you can imagine my disappointment when I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow yesterday morning.  Everything mother nature had worked so hard to uncover these past few weeks is now covered again.  This is a typical Canadian spring though….. The good thing is that the taste of whats to come has put a fire under my arse on the weight loss front.  I am desperate not to feel like a cow in my Capri’s this year so I’m workin’ hard!    This fresh snowfall may just work in my favor!

(These pictures were taken the night of the super moon down at the lake.  There is open water around the inlet and all the ice huts have been pulled off… A sure sign that Spring is coming right???)

(Speaking of said supermoon, here it is in all its glory)

The boy was in a funk yesterday and it appears to have carried over into today.  It’s really not like him to be so down so of course my Moma instincts are on high alert and I’m ready to beat up  have some carefully chosen words with the girl who is making my boy feel this way,  I remember when he was little he would come right to me when something happened, he’d tell me about the boy at the playground who had called him a name or about the kids that wouldn’t include him in their game.  He came to me for
comfort and I gave it to him.  I would distract him with something else or simply love on him until he was ready to carry on with his day.  I miss those days…. 15 going on 16 year old stuff is a lot more complicated then a hug or a couch fort can fix….. That said… I still want to just hug him until he gets through this.

(I’m linking up this picture to Beth’s blog and Youth photo challenge at I Should Be Folding Laundry.  This is as youthy as we get around here)

Well, we have no plans for this weekend so I’m thinking it’s a good time to start the Spring cleaning.  Out with the flannel and in with the crisp sheets.  I think it will also be a good opportunity to go out Deck furniture shopping…. Did I tell you all I was getting a deck?!?!?!  A long overdue deck is coming our way, just waiting for the permit.

Have a great weekend.

So, Raising my gentlemen this week has been hard work, a little “Me time” was in order.

I have shamelessly stolen decorating ideas from other Blog’s in the past so today when I was feeling crafty I pulled up my bookmarked favorites and began to surf.  I got this idea at My Decorating Addiction and although I executed a little differently based on the materials I had available; I think it turned out just as well.

I found this frame in the basement.  I purchased a picture of a woman holding her infant son gazing out the window back in 1995 when I had my first son.  I remember paying good money for the picture so imagine my surprise when I took it apart and found that the print inside was simply a greeting card taped to the matting.

The fabric I choose was used as a backdrop for some of the photo sessions I have done this past month.  ( I think if you scroll down you can see it as the backdrop for the dog session I did a couple weeks ago).  I figure you can’t have too much of the same thing in a portfolio so I’m due for some new fabric anyway!

So, Here is the finished Monogram.  I’m not sure where it will go permanently but I’m sure I’ll figure that out soon enough.  In total, I think this only took about an hour to complete… So simple!

Today I’m linking to All Things Inspired… Check it out!

So yesterday I was told by my child that I’m too strict.

I knew this day was coming…., how did I know you ask?  Simply because we are strict, plain and simple.

I love that we live on a lake and that it’s a small beautiful town….. I don’t love that most of the people who live here have lived here all their lives and don’t seem to discourage their 14 and 15 year old children from acting like a 20 year old.    I don’t want to sound like a snob but really, tell me honestly, should 14 and 15 year old kids be having parties where they crown beer pong champions, drink vodka straight from the bottle, take drunk pictures of their friends on the toilet and make out with each other in front of a room full of other kids?   I won’t get into all the details but thanks to Social Media sites, these are the images that flash into my mind every time he asks me to go out with his friends.

Looking back, I did some stupid and immature things but my parents had no clue (Now they do…. Hi Mom!!!) and I’m left to wonder if as a parent knowing so much information is good or bad.   Kids of the 90’s have no idea what real privacy is or how important it is.  I wonder if the day will come when they regret posting their every movement on Twitter or posting the picture of their best friend giving the camera a Rock out hand sign while squinting through a Vex haze sitting on the toilet.

I’m struggling to find middle ground.

I’m trying to figure out how much I can trust him.

And, I’m a little bit freaked out at how grown up these 15 and 16 year old boys and girls want to be!

I really never thought these words would come out of my mouth.  I honestly L to the O to the V to the E Winter and all the whitestuff it brings… That is, until it started only snowing on weekends and in the middle of the night.  To a snow plower or his wife, these are not the ideal times for snow accumulation.  For the past 4 weekends in a row our evenings have been hampered by the “What If’s”  We don’t make plans with friends and we end up going to bed early so that he can get some sleep.  When I wake, he’s gone; called into the icy and snowy dark to plow schools that aren’t even open till Monday anyway.  I know it’s all coming to an end and before I know it he will be back to his real job working crazy hours but at least these hours are set and we can make weekend plans.  I’m looking forward to that.

Sabrina and Izzy were groomed this weekend.  We used a service called Robinson’s Mobile Pet Grooming.  Lindsay showed up in her truck towing a mobile dog grooming setup in a trailer behind her.  Grooming has always been a pain in the a$$ because the only time we can get appointments are when we book well in advance because weekend appointments are so hard to get.  Since I work from home, this mobile dog grooming service is PERFECT! She showed up, took the dogs out to the trailer and brought them back all trimmed up and smelling fantastic!  I have a feeling Lindsay will get to know Sabrina and Izzy very well!  It was also the perfect opportunity for me to take some overdue Dog pictures….

The letter L is this week’s You Capture topic.   I’m not sure if it’s because Valentines day just passed but whenever I think of something that starts with L; I always think of the word “Love” first.  The picture below represents the letter L in so many ways….

I LOVE that my husband bought me this tree for Valentines day instead of Roses….I’m just not a Rose girl.

The LIGHT in this picture is perfect!  I have been using my front room for a lot of pictures lately because the LIGHT hasn’t failed me once!

This picture makes me so excited for Spring and all the new LIFE spring brings with it.  I love the winter but come March, I’m over it and ready to move on to backyard BBQ’s and the smell of fresh-cut grass.

Check out some other picture representations for the letter L

This weekend we played baseball in the snow to raise money for Cancer research.  The games were on Saturday, today is Monday and my quads are still screaming!   I know I have to get in better shape but really, this was ridiculous!   On Sunday I could barely walk and now on Monday, although I made it through my workout, my Quads are still nagging at me.   So far I have been able to step away from the A535 but if this keeps up, I’ll be smelling like a Senior Citizen in no time.

The weather was cold but the sun was shining and once we got moving, it was enough to keep warm.   While we didn’t win a single game, there were tons of laughs and new friends made.   I love events like this, events where it doesn’t matter who you are or who you came with, everyone ends up talking together and having a good time, there is no judgment on your playing skills (that I know of)  and luckily, Kenny’s baseball abilities made up for my inabilities so together, we came across half decent.

All money raised from the tournament goes to The Ride to end cancer.  Our event fees sponsor Sylvie so she can take part in the bicycle ride from Toronto to Niagara to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.  So, that said, I feel honored to have contributed to such an amazing cause and I wish Sylvie all the best.  I can’t imagine how fulfilling and humbling  it must be to reach the finish line.

Looking forward to next year!

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