This weekend we played baseball in the snow to raise money for Cancer research.  The games were on Saturday, today is Monday and my quads are still screaming!   I know I have to get in better shape but really, this was ridiculous!   On Sunday I could barely walk and now on Monday, although I made it through my workout, my Quads are still nagging at me.   So far I have been able to step away from the A535 but if this keeps up, I’ll be smelling like a Senior Citizen in no time.

The weather was cold but the sun was shining and once we got moving, it was enough to keep warm.   While we didn’t win a single game, there were tons of laughs and new friends made.   I love events like this, events where it doesn’t matter who you are or who you came with, everyone ends up talking together and having a good time, there is no judgment on your playing skills (that I know of)  and luckily, Kenny’s baseball abilities made up for my inabilities so together, we came across half decent.

All money raised from the tournament goes to The Ride to end cancer.  Our event fees sponsor Sylvie so she can take part in the bicycle ride from Toronto to Niagara to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.  So, that said, I feel honored to have contributed to such an amazing cause and I wish Sylvie all the best.  I can’t imagine how fulfilling and humbling  it must be to reach the finish line.

Looking forward to next year!