So, Raising my gentlemen this week has been hard work, a little “Me time” was in order.

I have shamelessly stolen decorating ideas from other Blog’s in the past so today when I was feeling crafty I pulled up my bookmarked favorites and began to surf.  I got this idea at My Decorating Addiction and although I executed a little differently based on the materials I had available; I think it turned out just as well.

I found this frame in the basement.  I purchased a picture of a woman holding her infant son gazing out the window back in 1995 when I had my first son.  I remember paying good money for the picture so imagine my surprise when I took it apart and found that the print inside was simply a greeting card taped to the matting.

The fabric I choose was used as a backdrop for some of the photo sessions I have done this past month.  ( I think if you scroll down you can see it as the backdrop for the dog session I did a couple weeks ago).  I figure you can’t have too much of the same thing in a portfolio so I’m due for some new fabric anyway!

So, Here is the finished Monogram.  I’m not sure where it will go permanently but I’m sure I’ll figure that out soon enough.  In total, I think this only took about an hour to complete… So simple!

Today I’m linking to All Things Inspired… Check it out!