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What does spring mean to me?  It means walking out my front door and not rushing to get into the car, taking time to look at the garden and see what Spring has Sprung.   The Tulips are coming… slowly but surely.

It means a reunion with my Lacrosse friends.  Weekends are full of Lacrosse tournaments which means a LOT of fresh air… Something we are not used to so we fall into our beds and sleep like a rock at the end of the day.

We spend a lot of time in the truck driving to different fields for Lacrosse, Spring is a time to open the car windows and play our music a little louder than normal.  As with every Spring a new mix is always in order, this year it’s a classic Rock CD complete with songs like China Girl, Hooked on a Feeling,  Light my fire and Mississippi Queen.
(no persons were lost in the making of this picture – he was just looking at the map book, honestly)

Hope you are enjoying your Spring time rituals as much as we are!



I really don’t want to leave my blog hanging as I get busier so I’m sneaking in an entry while I eat my lunch…. Regardless of how short my updates are, I am committed to keeping this going for the boys (and my mom 🙂 )

It’s been a busy week already and it’s only Wednesday.  Cody started Field lacrosse practices this week with a neighboring lacrosse center that is a 45-50 minute drive from our house, he also started Jr. tryouts in the same city, there have been many late nights already and there are plenty more to come.  I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy our Spring is looking, between tryouts and practices then games and tournaments, we will be driving more then sleeping over the next few months.  Sounds awful right?
It’s actually not.  For me there is nothing better then watching the boys play and I’d go to the ends of the earth to do it, I do think we will have to start car pooling though with the price of gas lately, I believe it’s up now to 128.8 per litre.

Little bits of spring have sprung.  It’s so nice to have the snow all melted from the lawns and to see the Tulip buds pop up through the soil. I’m so looking forward to full days of sunshine and open windows.  I started to decorate with little bits of spring throughout the house where I can,  I planted some herbs on the window sill this weekend, I’m still waiting for the herbs to poke through but love the splash of color the pots have added to the kitchen. 

I really don’t have a green thumb but think that anyone can grow Herbs, what I am surprised with is the tree that Ken got me for Valentines day… That sucker is still growing and it actually looks healthy!  I’m sure it’s ready for a bigger pot which I should probably tackle sooner rather than later.

Since I ran around taking pictures for the blog, I though I’d share with you a picture of my favorite snack (I’m eating lunch, remember?)    Does it get better then this????

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