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He was the one I went to because he was more likely to say yes.
When he was a parent helper for field trips all the kids in my class fought to be in my group.
He let me tongue dip in his beer when I was little.
He taught me how to drive and never flinched once.
He has always put my needs and his families needs ahead of his.
He taught me about Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, the Blues Brothers and Louis Armstrong.
He showed me that helping people is better than talking about helping people.                                                                                             
He was the one that encouraged me to be independent but was there to help pick up the pieces when I fell.
He makes the BEST cup of tea you have ever had.
He’s donated blood over 130 times.
He saved countless lives as a full-time firefighter for over 30 years.
He served his community as a volunteer firefighter for 20 years.

She was the one who taught me unconditional love.
She is one that taught us what family loyalty is and that Blood is always thicker then water.
She took my side when I told her the teacher was picking on me.
She let me lay my head on the shoulder of her fur coat and gave me a finger massage so I’d sit still during mass.
She always tells me I’m beautiful and talented.
She taught me about work ethic and how you have to work hard to get noticed and getting noticed will lead to its own rewards.
She stayed up worrying when I didn’t come home at curfew.
She sent my dad to follow me around and protect me when she suspected I was up to no good.
She compliments my parenting skills and encourages me to keep doing the right thing no matter how hard it can be sometimes.
She comes over and spoils my kids with French Toast breakfasts whenever I’m working out of town.
She is the happiest when she’s with family…. She loves her Grandkids to the moon and back and then to the moon and back again.
She worked full time, made dinners, drove us to Figure Skating and Hockey games in the dead of winter and never complained once.

I’m not sure how I got so lucky or blessed to have these people as my parents.


This is something new at our house.

It’s like watching someone elses child.

Actually, It’s my child… It’s my boy on a new path that will lead him to all things great!

Don’t make fun…. Don’t say “he should have been doing this all along”… He knows this… I know this… I’m proud because he’s now acting on it and for as long as it takes we stand beside our kids and continue to hammer on the right choices, and the right path until this happens.  That’s our job as parents.

The boy is doing his homework!

Not only is he doing his homework, he’s doing it without us asking.  I think 10th grade is a good time for things to start sinking in.  He knows he has college choices coming up and we have explained the competition to get into the program of his choice.  I hope this continues because if you put together his personality, his athletic drive, his desire to be a leader and you add his ability to apply himself to his goals,  you’ve got a boy with a future overflowing with potential.

Keep it up buddy… XOXOXO

On another subject,  I just had to share this picture.   This is Sabrina very upset (look at those eyes!) because I told her to stay far enough back that I could take a picture.  All she really wanted to do was sit right beside me and have her ears rubbed.  As soon as this picture was taken she was free to snuggle with me and she was happy.

I don’t often vent on my blog but I am today.  I have been thinking about this as a post for some time and tried to think of a way to (for lack of a better term) sugar coat it but it’s just not possible.

Our boys have been raised to be respectful.   They speak nicely (maybe not to each other but that’s another story), they hold doors, they offer their spot to older people behind them in line… Mostly, they respect the rules that are given to them and understand that they are there for a reason.

For the past 2 months, Cody has been dating a girl who was so very clearly not raised with the same rules.  In fact, she often questions Cody about our rules.  She doesn’t realize that social media is just that… Social.   I won’t get into the dirty details but to sum it up,  If I were her mother she’d be locked up in the basement.   She has dished out so much drama over the past week that as a family we are physically and emotionally exhausted…. but he really likes her and regardless he’s standing by her.

Here’s where I’m struggling…. I know I gave him a good foundation of respect for other people but I’m questioning if I taught him enough about self-respect.   This boy has SO much going for him, he’s popular, he’s outgoing, he’s handsome and he could have anyone he wanted.

What will it take for him to see her for who she is?  When will that happen and will it be too late?

I long to go back to the days of poopy diapers and car seats… This is hard!

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